Fleet Tracking system

Fleet Tracking system

We understand that every business is unique. You face different challenges and have different needs in order to succeed at what you do. That’s why we tailor our fleet tracking system to meet your exact business. We provide the specific information you need to reduce operating expenses, reduce risk, and ultimately increase your revenue.Basically, a vehicle tracking system is a small electronic device installed in your car, commercial vehicle, HGV or plant equipment, which gives you the ability to track the vehicle’s location.
Vehicle tracking systems generally use Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate the vehicle although there’s also a Radio Frequency (RF) product available on the market too. Whether you use GPS Vehicle Tracking or RF Vehicle Tracking will depend on what you want from your system.

Save Big Money

Reduce these fleet operating costs:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver overtime
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle lifecycles
  • Insurance

Make Customers Happy

Upgrade your customer service with:

  • Faster dispatch to emergencies
  • Providing accurate ETAs
  • Servicing more customers per day
  • Proving job completion
  • Billing more accurately

Improve Safety

Dramatically reduce risk by:

  • Coaching unsafe driving habits
  • Eliminating unauthorized usage
  • Ensuring on-the-job safety
  • Maintaining FMCSA compliance
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