Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Almost every business operating today needs to think about IT & data security. Threats to IT security can come from anywhere in the world and cause serious harm.

  • Building strong security infrastructure
  • Understanding threats, and
  • Customer/business privacy protection

Protect Your Future with IT & Data Security

At Modern Data, we understand the threats today’s businesses face. We’ve seen how devastating a breach can be for an unprepared company, and we know that a proactive approach to security greatly mitigates the threat.
Our IT & Data Security services are custom designed to proactively reduce real threats our clients face. Your company’s existing technology infrastructure, online activities, and future IT planning all play a role in the security program our team develops. From vulnerability assessments to systematically improving the security protocols on each IT asset you use, we offer complete, end-to-end security solutions.

Some of The Services Offered Include

  • Penetrating Testing
  • Vulnerability scanning for mobile and wired devices and networks
  • Training and best practices consulting
  • Disaster recovery and backup
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